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Dataset Title:  Coastal Endurance: Oregon Shelf Cabled Benthic Experiment Package: Low-Power
JBox (LJ01D): Velocity Profiler (300kHz)
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Institution:  Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI)   (Dataset ID: ooi-ce02shbp-lj01d-05-adcptb104)
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[BIN]  station_105508_split_20200101-20210101.nc18-Oct-2023 18:27153129377
[BIN]  station_105508_split_20140101-20150101.nc18-Oct-2023 15:07198797762
[BIN]  station_105508_split_20210101-20220101.nc18-Oct-2023 18:35301431983
[BIN]  station_105508_split_20230101-20240101.nc18-Oct-2023 19:43492396960
[BIN]  station_105508_split_20150101-20160101.nc18-Oct-2023 16:39746447915
[BIN]  station_105508_split_20180101-20190101.nc18-Oct-2023 17:54781345130
[BIN]  station_105508_split_20220101-20230101.nc18-Oct-2023 19:00787828010
[BIN]  station_105508_split_20160101-20170101.nc18-Oct-2023 17:04795397490
[BIN]  station_105508_split_20170101-20180101.nc18-Oct-2023 17:30798395287
[BIN]  station_105508_split_20190101-20200101.nc18-Oct-2023 18:23826783392

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